Exhibitors List

Company Name Country Sector Hall No Stand      No                Website
Albayrak for Moral and decorative paints EGYPT  Indoor Fitting Hall 3 352 www.albayrakmoral.com
Agrob Buchtal GMBH GERMANY Surface Finishing,Building Tools,Interior Design,Floor

and Wall Covering and Accessories,Ceilings/Ceiling Products,Ceramics/Tiles,Ceramics/Tiles,Cladding

/Facades,Terrace,Swimming Pools/Equipment and Supplies

Hall 3 352 www.agrob-buchtal.de/en
Alfa masr for Paints EGYPT Chemical Building Materials – Plaster/Varnishes/Plants/Adhesives/Sealants Hall 3 364 www.alfamasr.com
AluTec EGYPT  Aluminum Hall 3 333 www.sadatgroup.org
AUC EGYPT  Education – Universities Hall 3 336 www. aucegypt.edu/sse/ess
BMIC EGYPT Concrete in Construction Hall 2 210 www.bmicement.com
Chimica EGYPT  Insulation Hall 2 215
EEA EGYPT  Education Hall 3 343
El Reem EGYPT Efficiency in Building , Chemical Building Materials – Plaster/Varnishes/Plants/Adhesives , Building and Home Automation,Sanitary Fitting and Accessories,Swimming Pools/Equipment and Supplies,Concrete in Construction,Recycled Materials,Interior Design,Exterior Finising,Concrete/Cement,Building Tools,Floor and Wall Covering and Accessories,Cladding/Facades,Plastic Materials for Indoor Fitting Hall 3 356  www.elreeem.net
Elite EGYPT  Green & smart buildings Hall 3 367 www.environmentenergy.net
Engineering for projects & investment Epico EGYPT prefabricated construction Hall 2 205
Finish EGYPT  Aluminum – Glass building materials – wooden construction Hall 3 334  www.finish-eg.com
Geomatics EGYPT  Building systems and technologies Hall 3 335  www.Geomatex.com
Infinity group EGYPT  Aluminum – Glass building materials Hall 3 345  www.infinitysolutions.org
Gipsina EGYPT Chemical Building Materials – Plaster/Varnishes/Plants/Adhesives / Sealants , Plastic Materials for Indoor Fitting,Other Hall 2 207  www.osman.net
Iris ITALY Consultancy and Services for Construction Industry ,Contractors and Consultant Engineers,Landscape Design/Architecture,Terrace,Stairs/Elevators,Ceramics/Tiles,Floor and Wall Covering and Accessories,Interior Design,Surface Finishing,Soundproof Products (Plaster, Panels, Floor Underlay,etc) Hall 3 357 www.irisceramica.com
Laticrete UAE Consultancy and Services for Construction Industry,Contractors and Consultant Engineers,Cladding/Facades,Floor and Wall Covering and Accessories,Interior Design,Chemical Building Materials – Plaster/Varnishes/Plants/Adhesives,Surface Finishing,Concrete/Cement,Soundproof Products (Plaster, Panels, Floor Underlay,etc) Concrete in Construction,Water Treatment and Filters,Civil and Industrial Technologies and Solutions Hall 3 360 www.laticrete.com
Leaders EGYPT  Building materials and components Hall 2 208
Master srl Divisione Elettrica ITALY  Electric Hall 3 349 www.master.it
Merag EGYPT Sanitary fitting and accessories Hall 3 348
Metalic Art EGYPT  Metals Hall 2 250-255 www.metallic-art.com
MIT Industries EGYPT Metals – Steel/Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Copper/Zinc/Iron,Glass Building Materials,Profiles,Glass/Aluminum for Indoor Fitting,Doors and Windows – Wood/Plastic/Aluminum/Steel/Glass Hall 3 331 www.mit-ci.com
Multi M Group – MOHM EGYPT Steel Buildings products Hall 3 242 www.mohmfurniture.com
Next Magazine EGYPT  Media – Press Hall 3 342
Penetron Egypt EGYPT Insulation Hall 3 377 www.penetronegypt.com
Progress Group GERMANY/ITALY  Concrete in construction Hall 3 376 www.progress-group.info
Protech EGYPT Aluminum Hall 2 229 www.protech-upvc.com
Rubex EGYPT Plastic Materials,Glass Building Materials,Sanitary Fitting and Accessories,Plastic Materials for Indoor Fitting,Glass/Aluminum for Indoor Fitting,Doors and Windows – Wood/Plastic/Aluminum/Steel/Glass,Kitchen and Bath Equipment,Outdoor Products Hall 2 228 www.rubexegypt.eg
Saad Hanna Sons EGYPT Insulation,Plastic Materials for Indoor Fitting,Swimming Pools/Equipment and Supplies,Piping Systems and Accessories,Roofing and Related Equipment/Cladding/Framework,Floor and Wall Covering and Accessories,Landscape Design/Architecture Hall 3 350 www.shsco.net
Saint Gobain EGYPT  Glass building materials Hall 3 347 www.eg.saint-gobain-glass.com
Smart Glass EGYPT  Glass building materials Hall 3 346 www.smartglassco.com
Syrian Co. for Moral sheets industry EGYPT Floor and Wall Covering and Accessories Hall 2 204
 United Metal Forming Co. EGYPT Prefabricated Constructions – Metals in Construction -Insulation- Gates and Parking Systems/Drive Technology – Outdoor Fitting (Exterior Finishing, Roofing, Cladding/Facades, Landscape Design Hall 2 231 www.unitedmetal.com.eg